• Instagram Zero will be a reality by 2017
    [March 9, 2016] Last week, social analytics company, Locowise, released an interesting report on Instagram analytics. The most interesting piece of data: Post engagement rates had dropped from 12 percent in Dec. 2015 to just 0.95 percent in January 2016. Wow. As you know, late last year, Instagram opened up its ad platform to all brands. And many […]
  • Yahoo Gets Search Updates
    [February 1, 2016] Yahoo has been making a lot of product announcements this week. First it announced a new homepage and mobile app, then some enhancements to Yahoo Mail. Now, the company is announcing some search updates in time for some big events (the Super Bowl, the primaries, and the Oscars). Yahoo’s Paul Yiu explains, “Now, with a […]
  • Top 20 Social Media Buzzwords and What They Mean
    [December 14, 2015] If you have anything to do with your brand’s social media marketing, chances are you’ve heard these buzzwords a time or two…or twelve. Below I break down some of the most common social media buzzwords and what they mean. 1. Organic: A non-paid piece of content. For example, if a brand posts a piece of […]
  • Mobile-Friendly Google Algorithm Gets A Revision
    [November 6, 2015] Google had been hinting for months that app-install interstitials would become a negative ranking signal in search results, and about two months ago, they made it official. Google announced that it was updating the Mobile-Friendly algorithm and test, advising sites against showing app install interstitials “that hide a significant amount of content on the transition […]
  • SEO Red Flag: No Social Media Efforts
    [September 29, 2015] Technically, SEO and social media marketing are two different things. However most people looking for SEO really just want an improved web presence that results in traffic, leads and sales, regardless of the source.
  • SEO Red Flag: Link Building
    [September 2, 2015] Things have changed since 1998. Back then, link building was all about getting any link you could, from anybody, anywhere. Then SEOs started looking at related links, link quality, PageRank and so on. Each year, it seemed that the grip was tightening on the quality of links SEOs were trying to achieve, making link building […]
  • It May Take Longer to Finish Google’s Panda Refresh
    [July 29, 2015] On Friday, Google confirmed that it had finally begun rolling out a Panda refresh the prior weekend. The refresh will take “a few months” to complete, according to the company.
  • Pinterest Is Ready For Its New Useful Search Feature
    [June 11, 2015] Noted Pinterest marketer Vincent Ng (whom we recently spoke with about Pinterest marketing tactics) is pointing out that Pinterest is testing a new feature called Flashlight for Pinterest, which he says “will change the way that Pinterest works and the world of visual search discovery”.
  • Why Google Doesn’t Like to Talk About Updates
    [May 13, 2015] One of the recurring themes I’ve been seeing in the past few months, comes from web publishers trying to confirm when and where Google updates actually happen. This type of thing has been going on for years and it’s not a new topic, what is new is that Google is now confirming that there is […]
  • Be Prepared For Google’s Mobile-Friendly Signal
    [April 16, 2015] Google is about to launch its previously announced mobile-friendly ranking signal on April 21. gShift has released some new survey findings about industry sentiment and readiness for the update. It finds that digital marketers have mixed views on whether or not it will impact their business.
  • YouTube Provides New Strategies For Getting Conversions
    [March 18, 2015] Google announced the launch of cards for YouTube, which it describes as an “evolution of annotations”. Video creators can use them to tell viewers about other videos, merchandise, playlists, websites, etc. They can be displayed anytime throughout the video, and they work on mobile.
  • 10 Reasons Why You Should Love Twitter!
    [February 23, 2015] I gotta admit, I’m really tired of hearing from people that they think Twitter is simply a waste of time, or a stupid social network for boasting about your cat or where you eat or for sharing a selfie etc… Seriously, if you think that’s what Twitter is all about then you are missing out. […]
  • Google’s Mobile-Friendly Label Has Optimization Experts Concerned
    [January 20, 2015] Throughout the course of last year, Google made a bunch of moves showing that it was focusing on improving the mobile search experience for its users by way of getting websites (otherwise known as search results) to make themselves more mobile-friendly. In November, Google added a “mobile-friendly” label to mobile search results for sites that […]
  • Navneet Kaushal to Share Content Marketing Strategies to Boost your Search Engine Rankings at HostingCon India Next Week!
    [December 9, 2014] Coming Friday, Navneet Kaushal, the CEO of PageTraffic and Editor PageTraffic Buzz will be speaking about Strategies to Boost Search Engine Rankings at the HostingCon India, Asia’s Largest Conference for the Internet Infrastructure Industry.
  • Anonymous Apps: Whisper, Secret, and Yik Yak
    [November 11, 2014] Want to take some of the social out of social media? Want to share your deepest secrets with the world…anonymously? Then you may want to check out Whisper, Secret, and & Yik Yak, among others.
  • The Three Core Tenets Every Successful Blogger Needs to Have
    [October 14, 2014] As bloggers, we all have different goals. Some may be to monetize your blog; some may be to get a book deal; some may be to become recognized as an expert in your field; others may be to share company news and updates.
  • Search Optimization Must Now Account For Shared Customer Experiences
    [September 24, 2014] This is the story of when ZMOT met UMOT… Search is a natural step in the discovery process. In a web world, search engines offer a lens into a qualified and structured view to help online consumers focus and make informed decisions. With Google dominating search, marketers concentrated on improving search ranking through tried and […]
  • Beat Facebook’s New Clickbait Crackdown with These 4 Tips
    [September 3, 2014] I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself. An article about clickbait deserves an equally clickbaity title. First off, I lied to you, I can’t really beat the algorithm. What I can do is show you how to make sure your articles and links earn the eyes of your readers. Which is really what you wanted to […]
  • Google+ is an island of misfit toys
    [August 8, 2014] One of the side stories of the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas TV special was the Island of Misfit Toys. The island is a sanctuary for defective and unwanted toys. Thing is, once these alienated holiday presents found each other, they found home, friendship, community, and a family.
  • Link Building Basics: Finding link opportunities
    [July 23, 2014] Welcome to another installment of my link building basics series here on Biznology. In this series, we have already covered the early building blocks of a successful link building campaign – conducting a niche analysis and performing a site audit.
  • Link building basics: site audit
    [June 18, 2014] Welcome to another edition of link building basics. This is the second installment in a series of posts I am writing here on Biznology that cover link building basics and fundamentals. For marketers and business owners alike, SEO – and especially link building – can seem like a foreign concept that is exceedingly technical and […]
  • 9 New Social Media Statistics and What They Really Mean
    [May 29, 2014] My friends over at Social Media Examiner just released their 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. It’s a survey of 2,800 marketers from around the world, asking about their attitudes and plans for social media usage.
  • Turn Your Tweeting Strategies Around, Learn The Best Practices
    [April 29, 2014] With over 240 million users and 500 million tweets sent per day, Twitter is as ubiquitous as it gets in terms of social media. With all that use comes a variety of opportunities as well as opinions about what to do and what not to do. There’s nothing static about best practices on social networks […]
  • India Reaches 100 Million Monthly Active Facebook Users Mark, Falls Second in Place After USA!
    [April 10, 2014] India is evolving to become one of the leading markets for Facebook when it comes to number of active users. The company reached the benchmark of a whopping 100 million monthly active users in India, the second country after USA to cross the 100M milestone. Javier Olivan, Vice President of Growth and Analytics in Facebook, […]
  • Jump-start your content marketing through better market segmentation
    [March 18, 2014] Yesterday’s Biznology® Webinar with Monique de Maio was about targeting different customer segments in your marketing. You’ve heard that content marketing is the best way to expand your prospect and customer base, but how do you get started to make sure you get the right content in front of the right customers for your product […]